If you are an Iraqi refugee and you have a pending application with the US Resettlement Program, please read the following official notice... Read More
Refugees from Iraq who worked with the Americans or refugees with immediate relatives in the United States may apply for resettlement... Read More
The final step in the resettlement process before departure is for refugees to take part in a cultural orientation course at IOM's office, so they can be prepared for the differences, challenges, and... Read More
Graph: Syrian departures for Calendar Year 2013 by country of destination IOM Amman Operations is responsible for: Departures for resettling refugees Assited voluntary returns Assisting... Read More
Migrant Health Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Early Intervention IOM is cooperating with the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MoH) to decrease the rate of Tuberculosis (TB) infection in Jordan... Read More
Counter Trafficking Since 2009, IOM has been working with the Jordanian Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Ministry of Labor (MoL), and the Public Security Directorate (PSD) to combat human... Read More